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Announcing the deviantART Stock Collection

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 2, 2011, 3:37 PM
A handful of deviantART staff members have spent hours upon hours sorting through various options on an approach to formalizing a stock offering on deviantART.  As we’ve said before, our aim is to keep the current deviantART stock community intact (as we support and encourage the current exchanges of stock), but to also expand and offer a more formal stock environment on the site.
After much consideration, we’ve decided to launch something called the deviantART Stock Collection as a pilot program.  It will test the attractiveness of a deviantART branded stock collection and will, we hope, set a qualitative benchmark for a future, much larger effort.
A small team of professional photo editors, on behalf of deviantART, has agreed to put together a carefully selected collection of images that represent the broad variety and excellence of photographs in our community.   They will be contacting deviants directly about becoming part of this pilot program.
We expect to produce a collection of 10,000 images, from as many as 3,000 to 4,000 deviants, that will initially be licensed worldwide through Fotolia and its affiliates.  Fotolia will market the collection as a special grouping within its existing offering.
If you hear from our professional editors, please give strong consideration to participating in this great experiment.
Meanwhile, we will continue to post more free images here at #Stock Project and keep an eye out for the next amazing contest!

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One Cat, One Fruit, One Clock Contest!

Journal Entry: Tue May 3, 2011, 11:25 AM
The winners of the One Cat, One Fruit, One Clock Contest have been decided and announced!  Check out the winners article here.  Our top three winners are listed below!

:trophy: 1st place:
The Customer is King by jeff80
The Customer is King by jeff80

:trophy: 2nd place:
Liberty Cat by 4apay
Liberty Cat by 4apay

:trophy: 3rd place:
Delay because of a parrot by denmarkk
Delay because of a parrot by denmarkk

Check out the original contest article for all the details.

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this contest a success, and a special congratulations to all of our winners! :clap:  Be sure to check out the rest of the wonderful stock provided here at StockProject and stay tuned for future events! ;)

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Really Terrific Questions!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 3, 2010, 2:06 AM
Good morning deviants!

Before talking about the Really Terrific Questions coming out of the great comments received on the deviantART Stock Project, we want to address a few simple misconceptions about the Stock Project on Fotolia.

:bulletblue: You are NOT required to provide a social security number at sign up unless you plan to apply as a stock provider.  Artists and others who just want to buy stock do not need to provide a social security number.  The reason for the social security number has to do with tax reporting requirements when you are paid for your work.

:bulletblue: You are NOT required to sell stock exclusively through the dA Stock project with Fotolia.  If you decide to be exclusive, your royalty will be higher.  If you don’t want to be exclusive, you can still become a provider to Fotolia.

The biggest question we have from the comments is:  Will all the free stock on dA get swallowed up in a new stock offering?  It’s easy to just answer “no.”  But a better answer would be to have the community tells us what to build and what to leave alone.  Maybe “free” stock on deviantART could be better organized?  What would this look like? Maybe the “rules” or “conditions” for using free stock could be better stated or could be more uniform from artist to artist?  Or maybe it should just be left alone as is as a true community solution that moves with the community’s will - - organized essentially on a one-to-one basis.

A clear message seems to be a need for commercial stock licenses to allow the use of stock only on deviantART.  So it would be great to have some specific feedback from more of you about what the rules would be in terms of when and where commercial stock can be used on deviantART.  For example, what if people paid a small amount, like a subscription, to use the commercial stock in any art that stays only on deviantART?  Or should it just be free for listed uses?

What does “only on deviantART mean?”  No prints? No downloads?  No off-site sharing? Would it be OK to use commercial stock in a dA Portfolio if the stock was part of a manipulation or of a sample design?  It’s easy to just say “yes.” But people who make a living from stock may not feel the same way.  So what would be “fair?”

There are many other issues brought up in the comments so far and a number of really constructive suggestions outlining how dA should approach stock. This would be a really long, intricate journal if we tried to list them all and it’s time now to get really focused answers, a couple of questions at a time.  So consider these the first among more to come and thanks so much for participating in this terrific dialogue!


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What is stock?

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 13, 2010, 2:14 AM
One of the many purposes of this group is to provide you with an educational resource to help guide you along the way to successfully contributing to the deviantART Stock Project.

:star:  What is microstock?

First, let's break it down.

micro (payment) {small, i.e. low cost}  + stock {off the shelf, i.e. ready to use images and graphics} (photography)

Microstock is different from traditional stock photography in many ways:

:bulletblue:  There is a vast resource available of stock images on almost any subject, and it's very easy to find what you need.

:bulletblue:  Images are sold at very low price -- just a few dollars with clear information about the type of copyright and appropriate licensing included in each sale.

:bulletblue:  Images are sourced from the general public, amateurs and professional photographers, designers and illustrators –- anyone can contribute.

So with that in mind, we've put together a handy guide of information & resources for you to refer to in order to set the context for participation in commercial stock either as a user or as someone who hopes to produce stock.

:star:  What is a royalty free image?

A royalty free image means that the price of the image is the same no matter how long you use the image for or how many prints you require. Thus, when you buy an image under a royalty free license, you can use this image without a time limit and as many times as you like, provided it is for the same client, campaign or project.

:star:  Equipment counts

Most stock consists of photographs. But as you can see by going through the collections at, illustrations, vectors, backgrounds and textures are also part of a microstock offering.  For photographs, the bar is set pretty high at professional or pro-am levels in terms of equipment, quality and file sizes.  For illustrations a good scanner is required and you should start with simple line work without textures.  Obviously, you'll also need a way to transfer your work onto the Internet.  

For people who use stock, sometimes all you need is to simply download an image to place the work into a PowerPoint presentation or into a document.  But for those who enjoy photomanipulation and other digital art techniques, stock file sizes will require a good processor and good image software.

You'll need to get your hands on some image editing software to assist you with this. Adobe Photoshop and Apple Aperature are very popular, however there is also an abundance of free alternatives.

:star:  Choose your subjects

Think about what subject matters are the most likely to be used frequently by different customer groups.  This doesn’t mean making images that fit everyone’s needs.  But the subject of the images should be thought through to fit specific needs that seem likely. Think about what you already have access to, and what is going to sell well.  Look at the major categories on or at other stock sites and take a look at the lead image results in those categories to get a good feel for what sells.

You never really know what people will want to use and what they will be searching for.  That is why successful microstock offerings contain very deep catalogs of millions of image choices - - essentially the more the merrier as long as there is functional search.

:star:  Rights matter

Stock results in a third person using the stock image for all kinds of publications and applications.  There are a variety of licenses used.  They break down what you can do with an image.  The more the user wants to do in terms of commercial exploitation, the higher the price of the license.  But it all starts with one basic principal - - the person making the stock must be able to transfer the rights to a user.  In practical terms that means:

:bulletblue:  Yours! You must be the copyright owner of the images you submit.

:bulletblue:  Released. Make sure that you have all the appropriate documentation in place, i.e. a signed model release if you use people.

:bulletblue:  Don’t put into the image any trademarks or billboards or business names.

For people using stock, read the license for the image to make sure you can use the resulting project the way you intend to use it.  For example, stock agreements can limit the number of items you can make using the image as product packaging.


Here are some excellent tutorials that provide you with all you need to know about in order to shoot and prepare quality stock.

:bulletblue:  How to shoot stock tutorial by mjranum-stock

:bulletblue:  Guide to Stock - Part 1 by AttempteStock

:star:  Have you found any helpful tutorials on preparing stock? Let us know and we'll update our listing!

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We've launched #StockProject! Welcome!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 13, 2010, 2:04 AM
Welcome to StockProject, deviantART's official group focused on community dialogue about commercial stock offerings!  This group is your home to discuss how we should design an on-site integrated stock offering, to view educational resources about making, selling, and licensing stock, and to access hundreds of free stock assets.
Our goal is to provide deviants a place to talk about stock (both creating stock for others and incorporating stock assets into new pieces of art) with fellow enthusiasts and to benefit from the passionate stock community already active on deviantART. We are starting the process by providing access to millions of images through the deviantART Stock Project with Fotolia.  It aims to give deviants the ability to find and use stock under simple licenses at fair prices.

Fotolia, a leading microstock provider worldwide, is the perfect partner for this project as they're a company that is truly committed to using community involvement to change the traditional business of microstock offerings. Fotolia provides important expertise in making stock work as a commercial undertaking.

We're excited to be embarking on this new adventure and want to hear your feedback during the journey!

:star:  Key points to keep in mind as you browse the group:

:bulletblue:  No gallery submissions will be accepted -- yet.  For the time being, this group serves as a discussion and information headquarters.  However, feel free to check out our gallery to access and download free stock assets.

:bulletblue:  We welcome all deviants to join as Members or Watchers!  Doing so will ensure that you receive timely and important updates regarding the deviantART Stock Project as it develops.

:star:  There are a few ways you can get involved:

1.  We want your input!  Let us know what you think about the deviantART Stock Project by commenting on this blog!

2.  What exactly is microstock?  Want to learn more?  Join our Educational Corner to expand your mind!

3.  Check out our stock gallery where you can download hundreds of stock images completely free, courtesy of Fotolia.

4.  Millions of gorgeous stock images are available just a few clicks away at

What are you waiting for?  Now's your chance to get involved!  :eager:

Visit the dA Stock Project w/ Fotolia